You will be assigned a specific level of Dante's Inferno to research. Answer the following questions about that level (or sub-level):

1. What is the name of the level and the sin?
2. What is the punishment?
3. Describe the general landscape of the level.
4. Who is a famous person that Dante meets on this level?
5. Name a modern day person who could be sent to this level and tell why (you have to have a news article or encyclopedia reference in order to name the person here....It can't be "just because"....

After your research is finished, sign in to and create a voki about the level. You can be yourself or the person that resides there. Tell about your sin (why you're there) and punishment. (You'll have to type this in, but when the voki talks, you still only have a minute; be careful with word choice!)

When you finish your voki, copy the embed code into this Google Document, then embed it into your blog on eChalk.

Help each other out, but let me know if you have questions...